Wish Your body Actually Looked like You CrossFit 5 days/week?
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Us, CrossFit women 35+, are more likely to gain belly fat the harder we work in the gym?
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Jeremy Jackson
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You Should Have a Body That Looks Way More Fit, But You Don't.... WHY?

Us, CrossFit-loving women, are different than “normal” women. 

We don’t struggle with the same challenges as the general public. 
We don’t sruggle with getting to the gym. 
We don’t struggle with pushing ourselves in the gym. 
We don’t struggle with doing “extra”.
We’re good at that stuff. 

Where we struggle is on the other end of the spectrum. 
We struggle with NOT going to the gym. 
We struggle with NOT going hard.
We struggle with NOT doing more. 

Because you don't struggle with the things most women struggle with, you need a diet that's different from the traditional food and exercise-focused diets that most women are doing. 

You don't have a calorie issue. 
You have a stress issue. 

This is why your workouts aren't working for you.

You don't need a calorie diet. You need a stress diet.

You need to learn how to stop pushing yourself to go so hard and start listening to your body. 
This is what I'm going to teach you inside the Achieve Your CrossFit Body Guide.

Why This Guide is Perfect For You...

  • ​Works with the CrossFit workouts you're already doing.
  • ​An easy-to-follow plan with built-in rest THAT STILL GETS RESULTS.
  • Made by a woman FOR a woman, and backed by science.
  • ​Can expect to look better and feel better within a week.

What You Get:

  • Clarity: Finally understand why you haven't been seeing results from working out hard and following diet plans... and exactly how to change that. 
  • Workout Structure: Use your CrossFit workouts with my recommended intensity levels so you can better manage food and look leane
  • Continued Support: Unconventional tips, advice, and support will be emailed to you each day so you can keep your progress going .


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